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Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum.

The Scientific Method for the Modern Researcher

Conduct your research where you want to, when you want to. Designed for the scientist on-the-go, who doesn't want to rely on a personal computer for running simulations. Start testing your new model already!

Scientific Computing as a Service

Bringing Supercomputing to Your Cellphone

Create Input Files

Using a simple syntax, thousands of variable combinations can be generated with just a few lines of text. Add the ability to build off kernel input decks and you have a method for constructing large sets of computer simulations.

Run Simulations Remotely

Upload an executable file and run batches of input files in the cloud. Tell Ahab to crunch the numbers, while you go grab dinner. Runtime is by the hour, though, so chart your course before you start hunting the digital whale.

Analyze Your Findings

Query, Star, and Chart your data how you want to. Never lose a plot or associated output file again. Share and collaborate with the people in your network and reach a level of efficiency that you previously thought unobtainable.

Affordable Packages

To get you and your team running.


$10 /month

  • 1 Personal Account
  • 100 Hours of Runtime a Month
  • Social Network
  • Cloud Storage


$100 /month

  • Group of 10 Accounts
  • 1,000 Hours of Runtime a Month
  • Social Network
  • Cloud Storage


$1,000 +/month

  • Set of 10+ Groups
  • 2,500+ Hours of Runtime a Month
  • Social Network
  • Cloud Storage

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